The Merck Manual of Medical Information CD-ROM
By : McGraw-Hill 
ISBN: 007864285X
Pub Date: July 28, 1999

Download these instructions (text file)

It is a known issue that the Merck Manual does not open properly under Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape Navigator 6.x. It does work in Netscape Communicator 4.7x. If you have Netscape Communicator, follow the steps below.

In order to run the Merck Manual with Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 6.x loaded on your computer, you will have to install the Netscape Navigator 4 that comes bundled on the CD. We are aware that most people do not want to change their Internet browsers to accommodate a program, so we have included the steps below to allow for the installation of Netscape without any changes to your current Internet browser.

To run the Merck Manual in Netscape Navigator 4 without changing your default browser, please follow these steps:

Double-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop. Then right-click on the CD drive icon that contains the Merck Manual CD. Click on open. On the CD there is a folder called Netscape. Double click on this folder and then double-click on the file called SETUP.EXE. When the setup is complete, run Netscape Navigator. You will receive a few dialog boxes labeled New User Profile. You can enter the information or just click on Next to continue. When you get to a window that states: “Navigator is no longer registered to handle internet shortcuts. Would you like to register Navigator as your default browser?” Place a checkmark in the box that says: “Do not perform this check in the future”, then click on NO.

Note: If you are not connected to the Internet when you open Netscape, you will receive an error. This error is normal, just click OK.

When Netscape opens, click on FILE then on OPEN PAGE. When the OPEN PAGE dialog box opens, click on CHOOSE FILE. On the top of the new window will be a dialog box that says LOOK IN. Click on the small down arrow next to the LOOK IN dialog box. This will expand the dialog box. Choose the CD-ROM drive that contains the CD for the Merck Manual. After choosing the drive, there will be a file in the lower portion of the screen called START.HTM. Click on the file once and click on open. The window will disappear and you will come back to the screen where you clicked on CHOOSE FILE. Click on the OPEN button. This will open the Merck Manual. Click OK to the “Special Note to Readers”. The program should now run properly.

To make it easier to open the Merck Manual through Netscape, open the program using the steps above. Go to the window whose title bar reads: Merck Manual Home Edition – Netscape. Click on the EDIT button, and then click on PREFERENCES. This will open the Preference window. In the middle of the window, there is a dialog box with the heading: Home Page. Under the Location box, there is a: “Use Current Page” button. Click on the button and then click on OK. This will make the Merck Manual the default homepage in Netscape. To open the Merck Manual, make sure that the CD is in the SAME CD-ROM DRIVE that it was inserted when performing the steps above, and then open Netscape. Netscape will automatically open the Merck Manual.