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Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age
by Marc J. Rosenberg

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The e-Learning Readiness Survey

20 Key Strategic Questions You and Your Organization Must Answer About the Sustainability of Your E-Learning Efforts.

e-Learning presents great opportunities and great challenges. How ready are you? Answer these 20 key questions about building a durable e-learning strategy. Then, determine for yourself how ready you, your organization and your company are to bring learning into the digital age. There are no hard and fast rules as to where you should be in your e-learning journey; use this survey to help you think about where you are doing well and where you need to concentrate your efforts.

Download "The e-Learning Readiness Survey" (60 KB) pdf file

Table of Contents

Download the e-Learning Table of Contents and Preface.

Download "The Table of Contents" (135 KB) pdf file

Chapter 1

Download chapter 1 of e-Learning in it's entirety.

Download "Chapter 1" (92 KB) pdf file

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